Road Transportation

Road Transport is the most demanding type of transportation in the west and in our country, which allows the transportation of cargoes to be carried quickly and that the transportation network is almost unlimited under suitable geographical conditions.

FSP logistics provides FTL & LTL transportation services depending on your demands by means of our strong logistics infrastructure, throughout Middle Eastern countries ,Russia, EU countries and between Turkey and the Turkic Republics with its modern and environment-friendly fleet and continuous vehicles that can be monitored by satellite, has many kinds and features such as automotive, textile, health, electronics, construction, cosmetics, energy and manufacturing products. transports in accordance with all legislation and procedures.

JIT (just in time) delivery as complete and partial shipping to production and consumption centers, Express transportation, alternative route applications, vehicles with high volume and sliding curtain system according to the need, storage, handling, packaging and we do the processing for barcoding.

In partial and complete transportations we become your solution partner by dealing with all details such as bonded storage process, regular information, proper transportation of materials of different sizes and characteristics on behalf you.

FSP logistics, which has a wide service network in Turkey and abroad, cares about customer relations and has a solution-oriented approach, stands out as a pioneer in the road transport sector as well as in other transportation types. Providing service to its customers with the principles of traceability.  Also we bring you rational and innovative solutions in all your domestic and international business transactions. Our company, which is in compliance with the customs laws, adapts to technological developments and aims to offer both low cost and quality at the same time, you can carry out all these transportation operations with confidence.

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