Sea Transportation

Compared to other transportation methods, maritime transportation has spread to a large part of the world trade as it provides a relatively inexpensive, high quality and reliable transportation to long distances.

Since the first years of maritime transport , sea transportation has been the most preferred and used type of transportation by the advantages of transporting tons of loads in the safest and most cost-effective way.

You can easily benefit our services from port to port or to many different points of the world, with our different container types and loading modes.

The maritime shipping industry offers two major types of services: Charter services (also known as Tramp Shipping ) and Liner Shipping. In Tramp service; a maritime company rents a ship for a specific purpose, commonly between a specific port of origin and destination. Liner shipping is to provide regular services between specified ports according to time-tables and prices advertised well in advance. The service is, in principle, open to all shippers and in this sense it resembles a public transportation service.

If we examine the maritime transportation according to the type of cargo and ship ; we encounter Tanker Transport, Ro Ro Transport, Container Transport, Bulk Transport and Combined Transport. Your Cargo to be carried out -according to its nature- in a most suitable and cost effective way to South and North America, Russia, China, India, Australia, Africa and all other Asian ports.

We absolutely make sure that your cargo move safely to any destination with various types of containers such as open top containers, bulk containers, tank containers, containers of different sizes according to your request, whether as FCL (full container load) or LCL (less container load)

From the first point we take your shipment to the destination FSP Logistics provides cost effective and safe logistics services to importing and exporting companies  by the support of our strong and worldwide agency network.

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