Project Transportation

FSP LOGISTICS is carried out within the scope of project transportation such as factory,  power plant,  defense industry, pipeline, steam and gas turbine transportations, heavy industry, marine vehicles, transformers, condensers, heat boilers, vehicles, tanks and pressure tools, such as dryers, chimney, iron, steel furnaces  for you by determining the most suitable transportation method of tonnage and large volume cargoes by land sea and air and producing solutions beyond the standards depending to your needs.

Heavy duty lifting, scrolling, handling and storage using all kinds of machinery, packaging, cabling, mechanical dismantling and assembly, including the engineering work and all the customs procedures to be carried out on behalf of you, our company is a solution partner. In these different kind of operations – considering geographical conditions and regional characteristics – project is carried out in a short time without disruption of the project, providing a complete and safe delivery of your materials and equipment without any damage.

We carry out the project transportation in a perfect way for all import and export and transit operations both locally and internationally by the courtesy of our global agency network, sectoral experience, organizations and associations that we are a member of, our investments in technology and our qualified team.

With our experienced  on-site team, we are approaching your transportation operations from a professional point of view, and we anticipate possible problems and necessities before the operation and we are all specifically take care of your specific requirements. Carrying out your project transport with FSP LOGISTICS allows you to continue your journey with a experinced logistics partner who manages your project from beginning to end  by providing foreign trade legislation support including all necessary documentation and permissions required according to your product range.

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