Special events such as fairs, exhibitions, concerts, congress, meetings are the most important events in opening up to the international market in today’s world, following up new developments and current situation, and registering the reputation of companies.

These organizations became an integral part of international trade, play an important role in the marketing strategies of the companies and its position in the industry.

You can maintain your activities safely and smoothly without having to deal with such details. As FSP logistics, with our extensive agency network and highly experienced staff, we take care of your logistic requirements and details in your needs with precision  and think about all these details on your behalf and take action according to current and possible situations.

Timing errors or unscheduled progress in exhibition logistics can result in high costs and at the same time risk your promotion process as a company. So from beginning to end we think the finest details and possibilities and act accordingly. We provide you with support from our experienced handling staff to the whole process from packaging of materials to loading, unloading, unpacking and positioning.

The most cost-effective transportation for your shipment (sea- road – air) is being preferred according to your needs and requirements, we also provide bonded – unbonded warehousing operations within our company.

Local and global clearance processes, preparation of shipping documents, insurance and finance transactions we provide seamless solutions and complete logistics service through out to process. At all exhibitions and events, you can maintain all logistics activities  safely and smoothly such as international transport, internal distribution, consultancy services, customs clearance, storage, inland transportation of materials to the terminal or port, consulting services, the collection of the cases ,reloading to the vehicle at the end of the event by the support of FSP Logistics.

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