Innovative Storage Management

Logistic storage is the preparation of the products from certain points to be taken and then transported to the required places for a certain period of time in order to be shipped to the quality of the product. According to the length of storage period, these places appear in different names as warehouse, distribution center and transfer center.

In the logistic activities carried out today, we take care of the entrance of the materials in the warehouses considered as intermediate points, the storage of the goods in accordance with the content in a safe manner, the packaging, the exit and loading of the materials as the logistics of the FSP. According to the weather conditions that the materials need to be stored, open-air warehouses, closed warehouses or cold stores, according to the type of materials, raw material storage or food warehouse, warehouses belonging to private or public institutions according to the type of property, We support you.

In order to minimize the current costs of our customers during the whole logistics process and contribute to the progress of the process in a way that is effective and away from the problems. It is also bonded together with single-warehouses as well as shared warehousing activities, quality control, packaging, handling, barcoding and all other services as required. we provide duty-free storage.

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