Start Date: 8th October, 2019
End Date: 11th October, 2019

12th International Natural Stone Machinery and Technologies Fair

Natural Stones, Stone Products, Marble, Granite, Natural Stones Machinery, Equipment, Tools & Consumables, Stone Quarries, Processed Blocks, Material Handling and Excavation Machines, Abrasives and Industrial Chemicals, Stone-Related Machinery & Equipment & Tool & Consumables, Mosaic Marble Machines, Hydraulic Systems, Cranes, Compressors, Computer Aided Technologies, Packaging Systems, Security and Environmental Protection Systems, Motors, Power Systems, Electric Appliances, Technical Experts & Consultancy Organizations, Trading & Marketing Organizations, Chamber of Commerce, Associations Related to Stone Industry, Technical Press & Media Scope, Natural Stones Related Machinery, Equipment, Tools & Consumables Services Related to the Natural Stone Industry, Trade, Press & Associations Natural Stone Technology Safety & Environment Protection

Distributors and Wholesalers of Natural Stone Processing & Machinery and Technologies, Construction and Contracting Companies, Project Management and Advisory Services, Building Inspection Companies, Architectural Offices, Construction Markets, Wholesalers, Retailers and Distributors of Construction Materials, Distributors and Wholesalers of Construction Machines, Mining and Natural Stone Companies, Architects, Hoteliers, Builders & Real Estate Promoters, Town Planners, Decorators & Designers, Interior Designers, Stone Quarry Owners, Stone Processors, Importers & Exporters, Traders, Transporters of Stone Products

Natural Stone


Start Date: 9th June, 2019
End Date: 12th June, 2019

22th International Exhibition for Medical, Dental, Laboratory Equipment, Pharmaceutical Products & Health Care Services

General Medical Products, Medical Devices, Health Tourism, Informatics, Hospital Management Systems, Gas Systems, Orthopedy Products, Climating Systems

Medical Equipment& Supplies Dental Equipment and Consumer Products, Pharmaceutical products and Machinery, Laboratory Equipment and Services, Healthcare Services Building Premises for Health Industry, Medical Tourism ,Hospital Equipment and Supplies, Food Supplements Vitamins and Herbal Drugs, Alternative Therapies, E Health and It Systems and solutions, Innovations & New Technologies, Machines & Materials used in Hospital, Examination & Treatment Instruments, Community Healthcare Consultancy, Medical Centers, Clinics, Sanatorium, Specialized Books & Publications