Start Date: 30th September, 2019
End Date: 2nd October, 2019

Museum & Exhibition Technologies Fair & Conferences

Museum and Exhibition Design Companies, Interactive and Visual Media & Technologies for Museums, Mobile Museum Technologies, E-museum Configuration Services, Theme Park Designers / Buyers, Open-air Museum Technologies and Attraction Companies, Security Systems Services, Conservation and Painting Restoration Companies, Exhibition Systems and VR Technologies, Lighting Design Companies, Showcase and Exhibition Implementation Services, Database Development, Archiving and Documentation Technologies, Exhibition Based Show Services, Exhibition Management, PR and Consulting Companies, Animation / Modelling, Archiving Technologies

Companies Establishing Museums, Museum Buyers / Managers, Museum Professionals, Galleries, Culture and Art Instutions, Exhibiting and Attraction Companies, Architecture and Interior Design Companies, Art Historian and Conservators, Artistic Archiving Managers, Multi Media, VR, AR Companies, Government Representatives / Managers, Culture Ministries / Authorities, National and International NGOs, Educational Institutions and Academicians, National and International Media, Cultural Publications

Museology, Exhibition Technologies